Goldie Creek

Goldie Creek is a tributary of Stoney Creek which is a tributary of the Nechako River. Like Stoney Creek, Goldie Creek has been severely impacted by historical land use practices, including agriculture. The particular area which restoration activities occurred was historically impacted when Highway 27 was constructed 20-30 years ago. The fill from the excavation of the highway was placed along Goldie Creek. This fill was not sloped adequately, and the lack of adequate root structure contributed to major sloughing of this fill into Goldie Creek as the stream eroded the toe of the slope. The erosion of these high banks of fill, has contributed significant amounts of sediment into Stoney Creek and ultimately into the spawning beds of Nechako White Sturgeon just below the Stoney Creek/Nechako River confluence. The existing area that is sloughing is approximately 75 m long and 7-9 m high and 16-18 m wide.

Activity 1
Riparian Willow Planting

Willow stakes were planted in the early spring of 2017. Planting occurred along banks of the project site where a sufficient depth of soft, moist substrate was available. Willow stakes were inserted in soil to approximately 3-5 feet (1 -1.30 m) deep below the soil surface to ensure good contact with soil to maximize, as much as possible, root development. Willow cuttings were spaced at an average density of one stake every (0.5 m).

Activity 2
Ditch Erosion Armouring

In addition to willow planting, a BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) ditch that emptied into Goldie Creek was eroding soils and depositing sediments into the Creek. NEWSS contacting the MOTI regarding the issues and partnered with MOTI to have this eroded section heavily armoured to prevent further erosion and sedimentation issues.


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