There are several ways in which individuals, industry and landowners can get involved in NEWSS. The vision of NEWSS is to act in an advisory capacity for both landowners and government, to serve as a vehicle for the delivery of incentives and investments into the Nechako watershed and to act as a trust that continually inspires people, landowners and industry to demonstrate high quality land and water stewardship. In other words, NEWSS is here to help the community, in particular the agricultural community, to be good stewards of the land and water that feeds the Nechako River.

Living within a Watershed

Landowners, be it ranchers, business operations or single-family properties, that have property within any of the tributary watersheds of the Nechako River can get involved by contacting NEWSS and letting us know you want to be involved. If you have identified a potential project, or are curious if your buildings or operations are affecting the waterways on your property, contacting NEWSS is an excellent and safe way to get informed.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always welcome. The types of projects NEWSS conducts are varied and require a range of skills, equipment and supplies.

Sponsorship and Partnerships

NEWSS is built on partnerships and collaborations with dedication from financial sponsors. NEWSS is always open to creating new partnerships and sponsorships with and from industry, government, educational institute and interested individuals and ranches that identify and support the vision of NEWSS.

Please contact us to start a conversation.